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Convert WMA to MP3 with Audials Tunebite

Music Shops and Music Subscription Services uses often the DRM protected WMA Audio file format for Music Tracks. Not every device can play back the protected WMA Audio file format. So it is neccessary to convert files from WMA to MP3 file format to be sure that every mobile device, Smartphone, Black Berry, Android, Apple iPhone/iPod/iPad and cell phone can play back the protected Music file.

Audials Tunebite is a Audio converter to convert WMA to MP3 without DRM protection and without hacking or cracking the DRM copy protection. How can Audials Tunebite convert protected WMA to MP3 files legally? Audials Tunebite converts WMA to MP3 from Music Shops and Music Subscriptions with recording the Music while playing. So to convert WMA to MP3 and to unprotect and unlock protected music files works like an Audio recorder. Audials Tunebite is since 2004 the most optimized Windows Software tool to unprotect legally Music files and to convert WMA to MP3 files. 


The #1 legal way to remove DRM copy protection from music and audio books

Since 2004, Audials Tunebite has been the world’s most reliable, intuitive and popular way to quickly tackle copy-protection challenges of every kind. Why continue suffering from the torment of DRM for media you’ve legally acquired? Let Audials Tunebite convert your  M4P and protected WMA to MP3 files that will never cramp your style again. Tunebite is also the reliable way to put an end to file format incompatibility problems.

Once an insider’s tip, Audials Tunebite has blossomed into the industry’s standard solution for converting audio books and paving the way for mobile devices that can't read copy-protection formats. Convert audio books into MP3s.